Chandos Lake @ Dusk (North Kawartha, Ontario)

2015 was a tough year for me. I endured a personal legal dispute that took a toll on me, both emotionally and financially.

2016 has been a bit tougher. The legal dispute continued to unfold, and I suffered a few betrayals that effected me both socially and professionally.

Some of those betrayals were personal. They were committed by close friends who I thought I could trust, and were done for no personal gain other than validation and self-aggrandizement (some real high-school-all-over-again kinda shit).

Some of those betrayals were professional. They were committed by people who were both friends and colleagues, and for nothing more than petty commissions that ended up not even panning out.

I learned a lot through all of this, and it’s made me wiser and stronger, but I also can’t help but to wonder if the cost was worth it — I guess only time will tell.

Chandos Lake Sunset (North Kawartha, Ontario).

One thing I learned from all this is that there will always be ups and downs, and to never let yourself get carried away with them.

The victories will always taste sweet, but you can never be sure that they’ll last, so it’s better not getting too confident in them or to let your guard down because of them. The defeats will always taste bitter, but it’s no use letting them get you down, because life will move on with or without you, and there’ll probably be other victories down the road, but only if you get back up and move on.

Another thing I’ve learned from all this is to always maintain perspective. No matter how brilliant or devastating something seems, you have to consider how it fits into the bigger picture. Sure, sometimes life paints horrendous details into our lives, but those details don’t seem all that atrocious when we take a step back and look at the portrait as a whole. In fact, sometimes those atrocious little details are what help lend some perspective and meaning to our life as a whole.

After all, isn’t it the little imperfections in something that help make it so perfect and beautiful in the first place?

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