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Being Just Another Customer

This is an ad for the Canadian Real Estate Association. It’s part of a campaign called How Realtors Help. I get what they are trying to do: tell you no matter who you are, they can help you buy or sell a home. What this ad tell me, though, is that I’m just another face, […]

5 Great Brand Slogans

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then they’re really important in advertising, wouldn’t you say? But you can’t take pictures with you, can you? But slogans… A slogan says so much with so little. It’s the brand’s memo to the record, and that’s a big deal, wouldn’t you say? I also think we […]

A Brief History of Social Media Marketing

Imagine what the world of advertising or public relations would be like if TV disappeared tomorrow… You see, both of these industries (along with marketing and branding) use every medium available to them to get their message across. Well, the internet is just another medium. But while it’s just another medium, it’s also distinct from […]