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Knowledge Should be Smelly

I was watching Buffy reruns on Netflix this morning because I’m getting old and creepy and nostalgic-for-the-90s, and still use words like “reruns”, and I came across this scene where Buffy’s Watcher, Rupert Giles, explains to her computer-science teacher why he prefers books to computers, and I think that he says touches on why our online […]

A Brief History of Social Media Marketing

Imagine what the world of advertising or public relations would be like if TV disappeared tomorrow… You see, both of these industries (along with marketing and branding) use every medium available to them to get their message across. Well, the internet is just another medium. But while it’s just another medium, it’s also distinct from […]

The Cloudstorm

You know how almost everyone is good for a at least a few great ideas in their time? Well, what’s the cloud going to do to that? Now, people can share everything all the time. And it’s all on record. So it becomes really hard to say anything that hasn’t been said before — never […]

Did You Know…

This was posted on the Gyro:HSR blog, apparently by their Cheif Executive in North American, Rick Segal. I found it after reading an article about B2B marketing on AdAge, written by Milan Martin (who AdAge says is Gyro:HSR’s exec VP-general manager, NYC, but who the Gyro:HSR blog says is President, GyroHSR, NYC). I guess that […]