I’ve had a Nokia E71 for just over a week, now, and these are my thoughts on it — good, bad, and fair (I hope)…

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  1. You’re right, Tiger. Competition makes every marketplace better. Even Google recently said that if MSN and Yahoo got better at search, they’d all be better off.

  2. While Nokia makes a habit of practically defining “featurephone” for the industry, traditionally it’s handsets like the N95 that hog all the spotlight, leaving Nokia’s few QWERTY phones in the shadows. Not that they’ve been trying too hard — while the E62 and E61i have both shipped over here, neither has featured 3G data in US bands, and the E62 even had the distinct pleasure of having WiFi stripped out. Enter E71, the successor to those phones, and Nokia’s very first QWERTY device to feature US-friendly 3G.
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  3. Well, Tanya, I’m not as familiar with Nokia devices as you seem to be. Don’t get me wrong, though, the E71 is a great phone. It’s just that I was reviewing it as a video blogger, and since their N95 has such a great reputation with video bloggers, I was kind of disappointed with how the E71 performed as a video device. As I mentioned in the video, though, I’m sure that Nokia did a cost-benefit analysis vis-a-vis their target demographic when determining what kind of video functionality to build into the E71.

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