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I’m Gonna Guest Lecture at McGill (again)

A little over a year ago, I was invited to guest lecture on Using Social Media for SEO at the McGill School of Continuing Studies. Well, I’ve recently started blogging about business for the Montreal Gazette, and have been invited back to lecture (next Tuesday, April 19th) on my inaugural post, Online Marketing: A roadmap for local businesses. The course (taught by my friend […]

Would You Notice?

If I deleted you from my Facebook, would you notice? What about if I stopped following you on Twitter? And if you noticed, why would that be? Because you count your “friends” and followers closely? Or because you actually missed me? We spend so much time “connected” to other “people,” but how deep do those […]

Social Media Marketing Workshop

If you read this blog, then this probably won’t interest you. But maybe you know someone who it will, so here it is. Next week, June 15th, From 6-8:30pm, I’ll be giving a social media marketing workshop at Agence Ometz. The goal of this workshop is to demonstrate how people can use LinkedIn, Facebook and […]