I need your help. I pitched a session for Podcamp Montreal 2009, and now I have speakers’ block. With only a few days ago, I’m really short on time to make a creative comeback. So if you have any suggestions, I’d really appreciated some feedback. Let me explain further…

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5 thoughts on “Sex, Trust, & Transparency

  1. I’ll start by saying I have never watched Mad Men. But as my last name is Maddaloni, and it became obvious by 3rd grade that my nickname would be Madman, I am compelled to comment.

    Transparency, eh? What really is complete transparency? Don’t we all have window shades so we can get dressed in private? Don’t we have locks on our doors so people just can’t waltz in at any time? Is transparency really 100% knowledge of who we are to everyone, or is it simply a summary of some elements, where some are in more detail than others. Plus, most of what goes on in our lives isn’t really of interest to ourselves, let alone others.

    Not sure if this helps CT, but maybe it’s context for your presentation, which I hope you will be recording!


    1. Ha! I think that that was the gist of my inspiration. Now how do I stretch that into an eloquent, 30 min presentation?

      [insert quote about all the world being a stage here]

  2. I love this angle – your talk is on my list of top must-sees for PodCamp Montreal.

    I actually think you might be onto something when you ask if Donald Draper would blog at all – he’s hardly the most transparent character on the show, after all.

    Maybe you can use this topic to show how times have evolved – MadMen represents old school marketing. Quite different from what’s going on in social media circles today, I’d argue.

    Run through his campaigns – break them down from the creative’s point of view. Google Donald Draper’s words of wisdom to see where there’s a clash or a match. ex: “Change is neither good or bad, it simply is. It can be greeted with terror or joy.” (season 3 ep 2)

    I actually think Peggy might be more the blogging type – re: her ‘Clients don’t always know what’s best’ line from that same episode referring to the Ann Margaret rip-off ad. She’s putting herself in the place of the target audience … women. Then again, maybe it’s actually Roger Sterling who hits the nail on the head when he says that the ad works because men like it .. and women want to be what men like.

    I think you can have fun with this – go for it! Between now and then I’ll do a little Googling of my own to remind myself of my favourite MadMen campaigns and promise to sit in the room to cheer you on ;)

    1. Your support is very encouraging, Michelle.

      You also make me look bad when your comments are longer than my average blog post ;P

      I think you’re onto something about Peggy and Roger being more likely bloggers than Don. In fact, that came up in a conversation I had with a buddy just yesterday.

      Nevertheless, please do forward anything you come across. And I look forward to having you in the crowd.

  3. Well you got a good thing going here by just putting out that request for help. Maybe a similar approach could be included in your presentation, with audience contributions as well. I like what Michelle brought up- and I especially agree that Peggy would be the one to blog and be ahead of the game. In a way, Don is just too cool to blog. I love the show, and I think you picked a great topic. I’m looking forward to see what comes of this- sorry I can’t give much more than encouragement and good wishes.

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