So back in December, I committed the fallacy of making 5 New Year’s Resolutions here on my blog. It was a fallacy because I made them publicly, and like most resolutions, my ability to stick with them has been spotty at best.


One of those resolutions was to blog an average of once a week for a total of 52 blog posts by the end of the year. And while I’ve fallen sufficiently behind a weekly place that it’s unlikely I’ll meet by quota by end of 2014, I’m not nearly as behind as the last post I published here back in February would suggest.

I’ve actually been contributing to a few other blogs the whole time, mostly stuff that I didn’t feel would really fit here. Some of it was for the fun of it, and some of it was more business (i.e. digital marketing), but most of it wasn’t half bad, so I thought it warranted a recap here. So if you’re actually reading this, I hope you take a moment to scan the titles and synopses below, and maybe click through and read or share what you find, because I love validation, especially when it comes from the likes of you ;)

For the Fun of It…

Sometimes I write stuff just for shits-and-giggles, and sometimes I write stuff for shits-and-giggles for other people. Here are the posts I wrote since January that I wrote just for kicks. They’re listed in reverse chronological order.

Credit: Mohamed Hamad
Credit: Mohamed Hamad

Acme Burlesque Wants You to Watch Girls Get Naked to 007 Music So I interviewed a couple of the people behind ACME Burlesque for Where Are the Shows about a new, experimental, James Bond themed show they put on this past spring.

What If We All Worked at ISIS from Archer? A silly post I wrote for the Keep Marketing Fun blog back when I had a desk in the same space as Brendan & Brendan and MTL Blog.

Gangstagrass’s New Album is Actually Worth Paying For - So I reviewed Gangstagrass‘s latest album, Broken Hearts and Stolen Money, for Forget the Box, and apparently I really liked it and think you should listen to (and actually pay for) it.

How to Optimize Your Dating Profile Like an Online Marketer You know how you sometime shudder over how poorly set-up some website or landing page is? Well, after seeing so many terrible OkCupid profiles that my tear ducts swelled with blood, I decided to take some Landing Page Optimization principles and apply them toward an online dating profile. This one was actually a lot of fun to write and, from what I was told, fun to read, too!

All Business

Credit: Paul Couture
Credit: Paul Couture

More often than not, I blog to remain active in the community, maintain my reputation, and generate inbound leads. Since January, there are the posts I wrote for just those purposes. These, however, are listed in chronological order.

You’re a Content Marketer and the Internet Hates You - A reminder that every time your create a piece of clickbait/linkbait, the Department of Homeland Security kidnaps a puppy and waterboards it in Guantanamo Bay.

SEO, Keyword Narrative, and Your Content Strategy Some perspective on how to use SEO data to create non-SEO content that actually boosts your SEO purposes. I know it sounds kinda crazy, but you click over and actually read the damn thing yourself ;)

Some Inconvenient Truths About SEO A 6 point listicle to remind you that (1) you don’t know as much about SEO as you think you do, and (2) why you should really step up your SEO game because it’s still the most targeted source of traffic out there.

How to Sync Your SEO and Content Strategies Expanding on the SEO, Keyword Narrative, and Your Content Strategy post linked above, I explain how you can actually put some of my brilliant SEO ideas into actual practice ;)

Get Hit with Some Knowledge (Graph) A bit of a primer on (1) what Google’s so-called “Knowledge Graph” is all about, and (2) how you can tap into it to not only rank better, but create really engaging search results that users actually click on and interact with.

SEO Traffic: A Reminder Just a friendly reminder of why you probably need to take SEO more seriously than you usually do…

When to Use an Agency A piece to help you figure out when it makes sense to use an agency (and for what) and when you can afford to keep it in-house.

Refining Your Keyword Narrative You know those two other posts I linked to above about SEO and content strategy? Well, this one takes it a step further by outlining how you can use analytics data to refine your so-called “Keyword Narrative” even further ;)

Knowing What and When to Outsource Conceived in the same spirit as the above post, this one outlines 3 important questions you should be asking yourself when deciding whether or not to outsource something.

Let Customers Decide Your Next Design A primer on how to mine user-behaviour data to figure out what your users need from your site/service so that you can actually design around those needs.

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