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10 Video Blogging Ideas

Online video can be a lot of different things. But when it comes to video blogging, it doesn’t matter if it’s a complicated, high production affair. After all, video blogging is still just blogging. To a degree, it’s supposed to be a bit gritty and straight to the point. That being said, what makes or […]

Letting Go

Mourning is just extended self-pity. — Donald Draper I let a domain expire yesterday. It was one of the first domains I ever registered — possibly the second or third. It was also the domain for the second blog I ever really invested any serious time or energy into. It wasn’t a very focused blog. […]

How to Target Blog Spam

I recently received the most creative and targeted comment spam I’ve ever seen. As creative and targeted as it was, however, it still wouldn’t have been all that “effective” had it made it pass my spam filtre. You see, something that’s always baffled me about spammers is everything they don’t know about spamming a blog. […]