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Credit: <a href="https://unsplash.com/photos/E7RLgUjjazc">Olu Eletu</a>

4 Things I (Re)Learned About Content Marketing Writing for a Newspaper

I’ve been writing for a relatively long time. Like, close-to-15-years-a-long-time. First for student papers, then for print magazines, and since then for countless blogs and websites. Now I spend most of my time running my inbound marketing consultancy, so the only writing I really do anymore is the occasional potty-mouth guest post. I basically only […]

Why Newspapers Need Tech VC

The transition from mere a newspaper to full-blown social news organizations (SNO) requires a significant investement in technological infrastructre. That’s not an easy bullet to bite when ad-revenues are falling and potential investors are increasingly wary of a fledgling industry. So perhaps print publishers should be looking at technology VCs, rather than the more conventional […]