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Tribe, Trusted, and True

The annual Edelman Trust Barometer is out, and tech journalist Tom Foreski did some digging into the findings. As Tom points out, the news isn’t good for PR agencies, “social media experts,” citizen journalists, or media companies of any kind: Trust in information from friends and peers, “people like me,” dropped by 20 points, from […]

Paid Authority

Print publishing is seen as a lot more authoritative than blogs because of the investment put into it. With a blog, you just write and publish. With a piece of print, someone was hired to assign the story/beat to someone who was hired to write it, and when the writer files it, it’s then vetted […]

The Next Generation of Journalists

If news outlets are having trouble adapting to the new digital landscape, Journalism schools aren’t. A new generation of J-school students are being primed to work within social news organizations rather than conventions news outlets. They’re being equipped with a mix of journalism and technical skills. As Time reports: A cadre of newly minted media […]