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The Nouveau Media

For the most part, old money looks down on new money, and when old money uses the term nouveau riche, it’s for a reason. For starters, the nouveau riche tend to lack a lot of the manners and tastes that come with generations of refinement. But more importantly, the nouveau riche lack longevity. You see, […]

A Week Offline

A little while back, Nicholas Carr wrote “Mass media reaches its natural end-state when we broadcast our lives rather than live them.” But what happens when we have nothing left that really worth broadcast? What happens when we’ve been broadcasting our lives for so long, that we haven’t lived anything worth broadcasting? I’ve spent the […]

Meet Geoff Livingston

Almost a month ago, now, Geoff Livingston (@GeoffLiving) was in town on holiday, Adele McAlear put together a lunchtime TweetUp in his honor. Geoff is a PR and social media guy who has a highly trafficked Blog, The Buzz Bin, is the owner of his own PR agency (which was acquired by CRT/Tanaka) and the […]