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Chris Brogan Mocks the Recession

I needed some help feeling better about the economy this morning, so I decided to revisit this clip I shot of Chris Brogan back in February at Podcamp Toronto 2009. This is Chris segwaying into his session by talking about unemployment projections and how the economy is affecting oil, journalism, and IT. Of course , […]

Interview: Shoemoney Tools

Back in January, at Affiliate Summit 2009, I had the privilege of meeting Jeremy (Shoemoney) Schoemaker. He’s kinda like the Chris Brogan of affiliate marketing, and is known for a picture of a big-ass Google Adwords check. Anyways, this is Part II of a 3 part interview with him. It’s about his Shoemoney Tools, a […]

Did You Know…

This was posted on the Gyro:HSR blog, apparently by their Cheif Executive in North American, Rick Segal. I found it after reading an article about B2B marketing on AdAge, written by Milan Martin (who AdAge says is Gyro:HSR’s exec VP-general manager, NYC, but who the Gyro:HSR blog says is President, GyroHSR, NYC). I guess that […]

Ask a Business Woman

Here’s a clip from the Stanford Technology Ventures Program of Guy Kawasaki explaining why he thinks that it’s a better idea to ask a woman, not a man, for their input and/or advise on a business model or idea. It’s an interesting way of looking of things, but I think if overlooks how an aggressive […]