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Would You Notice?

If I deleted you from my Facebook, would you notice? What about if I stopped following you on Twitter? And if you noticed, why would that be? Because you count your “friends” and followers closely? Or because you actually missed me? We spend so much time “connected” to other “people,” but how deep do those […]


Is it me, or is it becoming harder and harder to come up with an original idea? I mean, the next time you think you have one, start Googling. Chances are, you’re going to find other ideas that are strikingly similar to your own. They might even have a Wikipedia page. Maybe it’s because people […]

Social Media Marketing Workshop

If you read this blog, then this probably won’t interest you. But maybe you know someone who it will, so here it is. Next week, June 15th, From 6-8:30pm, I’ll be giving a social media marketing workshop at Agence Ometz. The goal of this workshop is to demonstrate how people can use LinkedIn, Facebook and […]

Strings Attached

There are so many ways out there to stay connected — connected to our friends, connected to our family, connected to our peers, and connected to the world around us. We use so many social media tools to stay connected, but we don’t realize the cost. And I’m not just talking about the privacy costs. […]

Are You Rock n’ Roll?

C’mon, you’ve heard about them before. The social media rock stars. Who are they? What do they do? How rock n’ roll are they? What does it mean to be rock n’ roll? Let’s go back to the early days of rock n’ roll. Back then, it was a new sound that came out of […]